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60 Years of History 

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Since the late 1950s Lamb’s Artillery Company has been recreating the life and times of the men and women who lived at the time of the American Revolution, especially those in the artillery.  In 1962, Lamb’s was one of the four founding member units of the Brigade of the American Revolution. Lamb’s has led in the areas of Artillery safety standards contributing to the BAR’s reputation for safety.

Our unit portrays John Lamb’s company of artillery as it was from June to the end of December of 1775 at the Battle of Quebec.  We have also taken on a secondary interpretation since the 1990’s as Captain Anderson’s Company, Royal Artillery, 4th  Battalion. The research into British artillery has helped us build the most accurate recreation of the Congreve Light Three-Pounder system, complete with horse-drawn limber. 

The members of Lamb’s have a love of history and a desire to share that love through education of the public during the events we participate in.  We have visited places we would never have heard about, met a lot of new and wonderful friends and have been exposed to the historical research of many other units. 


Lamb's became the conductor, then the sponsor, of the annual School of the Artillerist led by B.A.R. Artillery Capt. Matt Koppinger.


At present, Lamb's Artillery Company and Morgan's Rifle Company are incorporated as Morgan Rifle Corps, Inc.

Both Morgan's Rifle Corp. and Lamb's Artillery began at black powder shoots in the late 1950's.

Morgan's Rifle Company was originally chartered in Maplewood, New Jersey as Morgan Rifle Corps. It was re-chartered in 1996 as Morgan Rifle Corps, Inc. 

The recreated Lamb's Artillery Company began in 1959 as Lamb's Train of Artillery. Our current gun was built in 1969 by Joe Rixon and other members of the company. The bronze 3-pounder barrel was cast by Lapan Foundry, Hudson Falls, NY; the original wheels were made by Adirondack Machine Works. Joe Rixon was a member of the Company of Military Historians, as well as maintenance supervisor at Morristown National Park. Joe was one of the four original founders of the Brigade of the American Revolution in 1962.

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Lamb's Artillery Company and Morgan's Rifle Company have done events as far north as Quebec, as far south as Yorktown and Williamsburg, VA, as far west as Bath, OH and as far east as Great Britain when Lamb's went to the 1986 event (John Paul Jones' Invasion). We routinely do events in NJ at East Jersey Old Town, the Old Barracks in Trenton, Monmouth Battlefield State Park, and Jockey Hollow. We also do events at Stony Point Battlefield State Park and Fort Montgomery State Park in NY.


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