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Get Involved

Have we got your interest?

Would you like to learn more about what we do and how you can participate?

Half the fun is coming out and learning what we do and  what we wear and learning how to put your own outfit together!

Please join us at any of the events on our Schedule!

Contact us through our website, and we will gladly help you join us and learn more about life in the 18th century and this critical period in American History. 

For further information and details about joining, 

Contact us on the web at:

or email us at:

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John Lamb's Artillery Company



Now Recruiting

Men At Arms, Matrosses, Gunners

Bombardiers, Musicians and Camp Followers

For Captain John Lamb's Artillery Company

All Those With A Strong Interest

In the History of the American Revolution

And Living History of the Artillery

Are Urged to Join The Ranks!

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